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Here are some examples of commissioned work, restoration and repairs that we've completed for satisfied customers

This fun little guy was commissioned by a fitness club called "Fit Body" on Vancouver Island Canada. This is the company's logo and they wanted something special to display in their business window.  It measures 12 inches square. Made with the copper foil method and framed with zinc came.  Another happy customer.

The beautiful lamp came to us with the crown completely falling apart. We had to disable the damaged pieces, re-foil them, and solder it back together. Adding brass reinforcements to support it's body weight. So that damage like that would never happen again. We call this a "sentimental repair job". The customer is very fond of this lamp and has had it for decades. He was extremely pleased.

The customer had this window dated at around 1920 and when she brought it to us, the lead came was completely deteriorated and falling apart. We had to completely restore it by replacing all the lead came and giving it the original antique appearance. It measured 20 inches x 28 inches. It is rewarding to be able to turn back the hands of time.

This is a stained glass Calculator. That was commissioned by a well known auto group of Canada. They needed 28 in total, to put into gift baskets for their annual Managers/Bookkeeper's Conference. 

They measured 4.75" x 3". The top bevel that represents the calculators display, was etched with the company's title acronym. The colourful variety of stained glass represents the keys. 

It was a fun and unique idea and again, they were pleased with the results.

This beautiful stained glass jewel box is one that we sell quite often, but to make it unique, we encourage our customers to pick out the colour and type of glass we use. In this case the order came all the way from Austria and we were very excited to have our work circle the globe. The customer picked this particular glass because of the resemblance to "ocean foam". We like to cut the glass so that the pattern continues from the lid to the sides. 

It measures 7" x 5" x 2" and had a mirror bottom to reflect the light that shines into it from the glass bevels on the top. It takes quite a while to ship from Canada to Australia (about 6 weeks) So we are waiting for the customer's reaction when she finally gets it. 

This beautiful lamp came to us with decaying lead came and a couple of pieces of cracked glass.  We replaced all lead came with the Tiffany method (copper foil).  We were also able to find 30 year old glass to replace the broken pieces. It was a challenge, but we were happy that we were able to restore it to our customer's liking.

This commissioned restoration was a sentimental piece that was created by an artist who was a special friend of the customer. Unfortunately it was crushed years ago and she was very egar to have it restored to it's original beauty!

Here we see the finished piece. The customer was very pleased and overwhelmed at the results!  This makes what we do all worth while.  It brings our hearts joy to bring other people joy!

This Tiffany Style Lamp came to us with one side crushed. The customer had it in a closet for years waiting for the day that it could be restored to it's original beauty.

We couldn't find a mold that was the shape and style of this lamp, because it's age. So we made a fiberglass mold of the opposite side. In order to get the exact shape of the repaired section. This customer was very please with our results. Another successful unveiling :)

This huge 5 foot driftwood stained glass sun catcher is the biggest we have done so far. The customer designed a "nautical themed" alcove and agreed that this art instantiation was the piece they needed to complete their project.  Here is a direct quote:


"We truly could not be happier with this very unique piece really can’t quit gazing at it, it is just beautiful  thank you." 

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